Whose the boss?

Just who are you trying to please?  In other words, who is your boss?  Are you working to please someone else, or does your motivation come from trying to please yourself?   

If we find ourselves trying to please others we will often be disappointed. This is where the phrase “what have you done for me lately” originates.  Oftentimes we can give and give and give to someone and get no satisfaction, or what satisfaction we do get is dashed when that someone does not respond the way we hoped they would.  I spent years trying to get validation for my efforts from an individual.  Sometimes I got the validation, often I did not.  It was not until a quiet voice in my head told me I had done all I could that things changed.  The beauty in this message was the confirmation that I had indeed done what I knew to be right.  That the other person did not support me in this was not their fault, it was not my fault, it was my responsibility.  Had I listened to my own guidance along the way my pain would have ended years ago, but I chose to keep on doing the same thing time and time again in hopes I would get a different outcome.  That is truly a definition of insanity!

We want to be cooperative with others, but we do not want to loose ourselves in the process.  Within each of us has a guidance system which will always lead us to do what is right, what is kind, what is well, love.  Listen to that guidance and let your boss be you.  If things do not work out, bless them and move on.  When you know you have done the right thing, you will find great satisfaction in all your endeavors.


The Involved Observer