The Next Step

The first step in creating the life you want is to become clear on what that life would look like.  Nothing about this step includes defining how this life will come into being.

The second step is to really place yourself behind your goal; to really believe you can have what you want.  Again, exactly how this realization is to become is not part of this process.

The next step; accept the manifestation of that goal into your life.  Seems so simple doesn’t it? But honestly, this is where so many of us stumble.  If we want to release ourselves from an abusive relationship, it is not enough to want, the Universe will give you the opportunity to be free, but the Universe will not insist you accept your opportunity to be free.  You always have free will.

In my book Think Believe Receive, three steps to an amazing life, I go into some of the stories of my life and how I have (in the past) asked for something, been handed it (literally) and turned it down.  This is not to say I have not declined something I have wanted since that time, but it is to say I am a work in progress. I am getting clearer at recognizing when the Universe has delivered what I want, and clearer still on recognizing that sometimes what is delivered is no longer what I want because I have grown in my desires.

In TBR I refer to this step as Receiving because we are so very good at placing our wants and desires out there, but not so good at accepting the unlimited gifts the Universe has delivered to our doorstep.  

I invite you to read Think Believe Receive, then ask yourself; am I ready to accept the Next Step?

Think Believe Receive