Who are YOU?

Yes, a great song from the Who, and a great question to ask of our selves in the morning “Who are YOU?”  You see, when we forget who we are, we become who we were. This invalidates all the learning, growing and experiences you have had throughout your life.  How far back will this invalidation go? That will depend upon the situation in which we find ourselves: If we find ourselves at the family gathering, we can find ourselves falling back to who we were as children.  If we are in a business setting with a former boss and we forget who we are NOW, we will become who we were as a subordinate. In either case that regression is very likely going to be an unpleasant experience for us.  

We are who we are right now as a result of every experience we have had; the pleasant, and the icky-sticky experiences alike.  You have earned the right to be what and who you are, so why give that progress away just to please someone else’s memory of who we  were?  Unless we are confident in who we are today (which is, of course, a work in progress) we will find ourselves slipping into a character which no longer fits us.  So as you prepare for those holiday parties, as you prepare for a progress meeting, or a PTA meeting, take a moment and look into a mirror and ask yourself “Who are you?”, then stand in your power, stand proudly as who you are NOW, and stand proudly in who you CAN become.

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Think Believe Receive