What’s wrong with you!

As we sit here on Christmas Eve, and the last day of Hanuka 2014 the question arises, “What is wrong with you?” All around us are people enjoying the holiday season in their own ways.  Some are jubilant, others are quietly celebrating and somewhere in left field we sit, neither jubilant nor celebrating in anyway others can see, so, what is wrong with you? Nothing, nothing at all.  This season for celebration is in truth no different than any other season, we can celebrate in March, or how about August, there is nothing going on in August!  What is so special about this day in December that isn’t also special in August, it is just a date. The only reason you might think there is something wrong with you is because you are judging yourself based upon what others are doing, how others appear to be feeling.  How others act an inaccurate barometer at the best of times, and even more so today.

At Choicefullivingseminars.com we invite you to celebrate to the degree you choose, and know it is right for you.  We invite you to release the idea there is one way to be during the holidays, or anytime of year for that matter.  Get off your own back and give yourself a hug for honoring your own feelings.

This being said; at the same time we invite you to allow others the same permission you gave yourself.  Allow those who want to celebrate out loud that opportunity without judging them. Honor those who wish to celebrate quietly the same space, and honor every manner of celebration between; there is nothing wrong with them either. 

Still have questions?  Read Think, Believe, Receive for a more in-depth thought. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka (Chanuka) Joyful Kwanza, and a giddy Wednesday from everyone at Choiceful Living Seminars.

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