Gimme My Stuff

OK, so I know you have read my two previous postings: What do you think, and Thinking or Believing, and now you are saying “I thought about it, and saw that I did not actually believe what I was saying, so I realigned my thinking and believing, now, gimme my stuff”.  Well if you managed to do that in just four or five days, I want to meet you!  

At first even the idea of realigning our thoughts and our beliefs to support each other is in itself a huge change in thinking, then to actually root out all the little hidden booby-traps we leave for ourselves, that is another process.  Some changes will indeed happen almost instantly, others will take more time, but it will happen.  So, where’s my stuff?  Your stuff is still there, waiting for you to come into the place where you can see it.  Keep looking at those things you want to experience in your life; keep asking yourself, do I really believe I can have them?  If you truly do want them, boldly root around that filing cabinet in your head: who told you that winning the lottery was impossible, and why did you believe them?  Who said you could not have money and be happy, and is that really your belief?  

As you begin to see how you think one thing and believe another thing, the opportunity to change your way of thinking becomes a reality with a concrete goal: getting your stuff.  Saint Francis of Assisi wrote: “Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.”  This includes money, job promotions, perfect relationships, travel, everything.  We must create the capacity to have it in our lives.  Find out more about this process by getting a copy (or dozens of copies) of my book Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life.  I have included a link right here so you can just click, order and enjoy the printed, e-book, or audio version almost immediately.  Then you wont have to say “where’s my stuff?”   

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