Is it Thinking or Believing?

Great question.  Is what I think the same thing as what I believe?  No it is not, and here is how it works: If I think I would like to win the lottery and quit working, then I buy a ticket for the lottery, and then after the numbers are drawn someone says “well, did you win?” and I reply, “probably not, but I will check”, we are reflecting the difference between what we think (that you would like to be rich enough to quit work) and what you believe (that you probably won’t win anyway). 

To actually bring about changes in our lives we have to move from the realm of thinking about what we would like, and move into believing we can actually have what we think we want.  Sounds simple doesn’t it!  And in truth it is simple; it is not necessarily easy however.  We must begin to recognize what we are 1) saying 2) what we are thinking about when we say it and 3) insuring we have the belief about ourselves which will support what we say we want and what we think we want.  I can say I want to be an jungle explorer, and just as quickly come up with hundreds of reasons I don’t believe I could be a jungle explorer, not the least of which is, I am not fond of bugs!

This is simply a matter of training our minds to recognize when we are placing roadblocks along the superhighway we say we want to be on.  I wrote a book you might want to read if making this change seems like something you might like to do; it is called Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life.  You can get it through Amazon in time for Holiday reading, gifting and cozy nights by the fire.  Just click the link below.  IN-Power yourself; stop thinking and learn to believe!

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