What do you Think?

Mark Twain wrote: “A man’s private thought can never be a lie.  What he thinks is, to him, the truth, always.” When we are dealing with another person it is important to remember this quote.  Other than with the person who is a pathological liar, we can begin to break down barriers between us when we remember that the other person is probably telling us the truth, at least the truth as they know the truth.

When we are dealing with our own thoughts the path is not so clear.  We have years upon years of investment in what we think, we have a real stake in this game.  Even when our thoughts are not reflecting the results we say we want, it is a real challenge to go inside and sift through how we are thinking, examine what our thought truly is, and then hold up a mirror and ask “is this thought supporting me in where I want to go, what I want to have, how I want to feel?  Yet it is ourselves alone who can do this exploration and answer these questions.

I have authored a book I would like you to read, or listen to me read, it’s called “Think, Believe, Receive” three steps to an amazing life.  The first step in changing our thoughts, and thereby create a new life is to recognize a new life is possible.  It is, and right now Amazon is having a sale on TBR which will make this investment in yourself almost free; all you have to add is the commitment to follow up, to IN-Power your life.
Think Believe Receive