What’s YOUR story?

You have a story about your life.  I have a story about my life. Everyone has a story about their life; who they are, why they do what they do, and they (we) tell that story all the time.  We tell it to anyone who will listen, sometimes they are listening unwillingly, but most of all we tell that story to ourselves.  We tell that story so often we forget we are telling a story at all.

Now here is where it gets interesting; not only do we forget we are telling ourselves a story about ourselves, we forget it is we who wrote that story in the first place.  Not only did we write the story we tell ourselves, we are constantly updating that story to incorporate new experiences.  Think about that, the person you see yourself to be this moment is not the person you were when you were ten years old, or twenty years old, or last year nor last week.  We are constantly revising our story.

As an Involved Observer we are now more conscious about which elements of our experiences we choose to use to define who we are at this moment.  We choose to embrace the truth that we do not always reach the heights we wish for ourselves, and at the same time we choose to identify ourselves as working on something rather than being victims.  

Are you saying you do not know what an Involved Observer is?  I can help you there, just click on the book cover below and order a copy of It’s All About Me, the Involved Observer, and get up to speed with yourself, then when someone comes along and asks you what YOUR story is, you will know your story is so much more than an appearance of limitation, lack and sorrow.  YOUR story is one of growth, possibility and a bright future.

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