Forever Young

Is it impossible to be forever young?  Yes it is; at least in concept.  You see every three days our body changes over our cells, out with the old, in with the new.  We see the same process being used in stem cell work. Stem cells are non-specific in what they do.  They can be new heart cells, or new ear cells, or blood cells, or for those feeling the results of jogging for many years, they can be inserted as cells to rebuild our knees.  Pretty amazing isn’t it?

The thing to realize is these cells will do what they are tasked to do.  If they come in to replace knee tissue, they do not come in as 50 or 60 year old cells, they come in new, fresh and vibrant, just like the 20 year old we expect to see in the mirror, but Our instead see wrinkles, spots and grey hair.  If we bring these naturally occurring new cells into our body, why should they show up and behave as 60 year old cells?  Why should they not behave as 20 year old, or 30 year-old cells? The reason is, we tell them to show up as “mature” cells.

I have a mature friend who committed herself to visualizing herself as a 20 year old, and within a couple months her body was showing signs, very dramatic signs, of a regression in years of her body.  I know this is not hard science, only anecdotal, but it happened.  Science, you see, is locked into a system of non-belief as a whole, which limits what it can actually quantify.

  Our minds are unlimited in what they can do.  Work with your mind to create the things you wish to see in your life, and be prepared to be amazed!  Begin your journey into the power of your mind with my book, It’s All About Me.  Just click the book below and explore for yourself.

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