That’s Not YOUR Issue

We project.  We project our feelings.  We project our feelings on others, and hold them responsible for what and how we feel.  This is the basis of judgement towards other people.  If we are afraid that we do not drive as well as we think we do, we are very intolerant of other peoples driving skills.  If we have a fear of being thought of as ignorant, we tend to view others as either being ignorant, or as being judged ignorant by others.  We are projecting our own fears about ourselves onto others, and looking for those judgments to come right back at us.

No one is more certain others are making judgments about their choice of clothes or choice of mates, or our income, than someone who is busy doing exactly that to others!.  We used to say ” what goes around comes around,” and this is a perfect demonstration of that school yard taunt.  

We each have enough things in our lives to adjust before we go outside ourselves to find ways to improve others.  Rather than offering to “fix” someone else, maybe we could look inside ourselves to find out why we believe that other person needs “fixed” in the first place.  That’s not YOUR issue……or… it?

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