Body Image

It’s no secret, one of the most insidious things to overcome is our own image of our bodies.  Does this seem superficial to you?  Nothing is superficial when it works right to the depths of how we feel about ourselves.

As with so many of our “issues” the idea of how our body should look was not determined by our own thinking, it was fed to us spoonful by spoonful, probably by someone who themselves had an issue with their own body.  Yet there it is, we have inside ourselves this ideal, and we work to meet that ideal regardless of how realistic or healthful it may be to ourselves, until and unless we decide to challenge ourselves to review our thinking, challenge ourselves to become aware and awake as to our thinking process.  Doesn’t matter if the issue is our body shape, height, hair color, hair shape, size of our feet or any other physical aspect of our bodies, if we feel we are lacking in some way, we become our own worst critic.  

In the few words I have here, the process to release this self punishment, to begin to love ourselves (and others) again cannot be fully explained. I will say it does begin with the realization we can stop punishing ourselves.  

Both of my books, Think, Believe, Receive and It’s All About Me approach this beginning, won’t you join me in the journey back to realizing your own power? 

And, I am delighted to announce that beginning Sunday April 5, you can hear me as a guest on the web based radio show hosted by Constance Arnold.  The show is  Think, Believe and Manifest Show at I hope you will take the time to tune in beginning April 5! 

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