Imagine That!

Can you imagine what it was like to live in a time when the earth was flat, the sun revolved around the earth and it was impossible for humans to fly except in mythology?

The truth is those days and these days are not all that different.  The people I have described were people of their own time, for the most part they were content to live with in those parameters.  Certainly we now know the earth is round, the earth is part of a system which is so infinite as to defy true perspective, and most of us have flown somewhere.  BUT, we are still people of our times, and someday someone will look back and wonder what it was like to live such limited lives as ours, locked as we are to time/space, bulky cell phones, and unable to vacation beyond our own planet.

How will things change for us?  By people like you having a vision of something grander than what we have now.  By people like you who see beyond what appears to be limitation, into the possible.  Every change we take for granted today has originated from the mind of someone who was not content to draw water from a well by bucket, depend upon animals to move goods, or to walk from location to location. YOU could be the person who makes the next great breakthrough, who discovers the next wave of power, or the next vision of what could be.  You, yes YOU are exactly the type of person who can lead us to the next level.  Imagine that!, but it won’t happen if being a “person of your time” is a limitation.  Dare to dream, dare to act, dare to tap into your inspiration; we are counting on you. 

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