Integrity is a word I hear coming out of my mouth very often.  I hear it more often in my own head as I ask myself “Am I standing in my integrity about this?”.  Have you ever thought what integrity is, let alone what integrity is in your life?  We certainly cannot insist others live up to our goals of integrity, and they are goals because integrity is often a challenge we fall short in accomplishing.

I heard a speaker a couple weeks ago sharing some thoughts about integrity, so in my own integrity I will say I am not certain I took absolutely accurate notes, still here is the basis of what I recall.  These questions could be wonderful thought starters at a party, during an interview, and especially to consider within yourself.

1) How do I define integrity?

2) How important is it to me to live up to this definition?

3) How far am I willing to go to live within my definition of integrity?

4) Am I living within my own integrity right now?

5) Do I honor (not do I approve) of others definition of integrity?

As with so many things in our lives integrity is not a black/white thing, there is no set right or wrong here, it is an evolving experience.  If we had the same concept of integrity as a teenager as we do now, I might suggest we have not experienced much life at all!

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