To Reason

Essentially there are two ways to reason; from wonder and awe (curious) or through rationality.  When we reason through wonder and awe we are like the child; open to possibility.  When we reason through rationality we often overlook the wonderful things life has to offer.

Obviously there are times to stand in wonder and awe, this world holds so many precious, delightful and inspiring things, and there is a time to be rational.  When my Lady and I were in Sedona last week we might have looked at the amazing red rock formations all around us and said “this is the result of eons of erosion and an infusion of iron.  (why even bother), instead we chose to look at the scenery as sculpture, as wonderful gifts for our enjoyment.

If however, when we were driving the highways on our journey, we became fixated on the scenery we would have no doubt been involved in an accident.  We must be balanced in our approach to life, even in how we reason.  There is a time for all things.

Which brings me to a promotion for my latest book Bear and Butterfly.  Yes, it is THE Relationship Handbook, but we are in a relationship with ourselves before we are in a relationship with others.  To fully embrace life we want to be conscious of how we are thinking which is why Bear and Butterfly can apply to our internal relationship as well as our external relationships.

Too much attention given to joy and wonder is just as destructive to our well being as too much attention given to rationality.  Balance is the the key in all things.  Give Bear and Butterfly a read; you can find it on Amazon books in all the major formats and enjoy both your awe and rationality at the same time.