Who Am I?

The question is; how do we define ourselves?  Do we define ourselves by how many people we have charmed?  Do we define ourselves by the burdens we carry or our responsibilities? Do we define ourselves by our jobs, our cars, our homes, our income?

None of these definitions truly answer the question “Who Am I?”  They are indeed all part of our experience, but they are not who we are.

If you are looking for a more accurate way to define who we are you can shed all these other definitions in favor of defining yourself by how much unconditional love you spread in your life.  Unconditional love is standing in love and not expecting to get anything in return to make it worthwhile.  Can you be loving without fear of misunderstanding?  Can you love for the simple joy of being love?  It is a real hoot to consider just being love.  You do not even have to say anything; simply recognize everyone you meet as another expression of love no matter what happens.

When someone asks us who we are can you image the response if we simply say “I Am Love.”  Go ahead with your life; drive to work, shop, exercise, raise your children, go to the PTA meetings, anything you normally do, they are all part of life, and through it all keep in mind that aside from being a parent, employee, child or adult, keep in mind the truth of your being; you are love as expressed by God, the Universe, First Cause, however you want to think about it, you are love.  How does that feel?  Try it for a few days, it gets easier and easier the more you see yourself as love expressing.

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The Involved Observer