Your Magnificent Self

Does this sound familiar to you?  When someone gives you a complement you either dismiss the compliment (“You don’t have to thank me.”) or downplay the compliment (“It was nothing.”)  Either way you are dishonoring the Magnificent Self you are, and at the same time you are dishonoring the person offering the compliment.

Most compliments are not aimed at inviting us to be egotistical, they are aimed at honoring us and what we have accomplished.  When we fail to accept something so generous as an acknowledgment of our abilities we are not being humble, we are telling ourselves we are not worthy of praise.  Once again we must remember that words have power; the power to work for us, and the power to work against us.  Telling ourselves we are not worthy of praise or acknowledgment becomes a habit and we begin to believe this is true.

Far more powerful for us, as well as those who praise us, might be to say a simple “thank you” for kind words.  We might also say something like “I enjoyed doing it” or “I am always happy to help.”  By employing these phrases we remind ourselves we do have value and at the same time we honor those who would offer us praise.  How simple it is to receive a compliment humbly and at the same time let the other person feel good about themselves too.  This becomes a win-win!

You are a magnificent person, a unique person.  There has never been another like you, nor will there ever be another one like you.  Why would we want to dismiss this recognition?  We all like to be recognized for what we do.  At the same time those around us like to be with people who make a difference.  So, you magnificent person you, it is, All About You!

The Involved Observer