Do you think end times are here?

If you think end times are here, you are correct!  Not the end times of those who predict global destruction.  The end times of yesterday.  The end times of what has been.

What does “end times” mean?

When you think of end times do visions of tidal waves come to mind?  Do you think buildings will crumble and countless people will die?  This certainly reflects the thoughts of some people, but what if end times actually mean that each moment is new?  We are certainly experiencing symptoms of new thinking.  We no longer accept that a man has the right to touch any woman.  We are beginning to accept that a persons gender identification is none of our business.  We are beginning to realize that simply because a person has a lofty title, they are not automatically entitled.  These are all symptoms of a new way of thinking.  End times have arrived for so many things.

How do we deal with this new way of thinking?

Changing our thinking about how things should be is not new.  As people we have constantly evolved our ideas of what is right and what is wrong.  There is no need to become fearful about changes, we have dealt with changes since the beginning of time.  There is, however, usually a degree of discomfort with change.  Sometimes we long for what was, no matter how distasteful it may have been.  

If we are to change our way of thinking about end times, how about this idea?  Rather than look at change as being uncomfortable, remember that each new moment is an opportunity.  An opportunity to live life more fully.  An opportunity to re-define how you see yourself.  An opportunity to look around you with fresh eyes.  We cannot appreciate what the future has to offer is we are constantly looking at the past.

Welcome to the end times.

End times are nothing more than the beginning of your next possibility.  With each moment being fresh.  Each moment being filled with possibility for a better life, why would anyone fear end times?  If you have hit a bump in the road with your relationship, end times can be fantastic!   You are free to release the way of being that no longer serves you.  If you have thought you did not deserve a better job, end times invites you to see new horizons.  If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired; proclaim end times for that thought process.  It is all up to you.  You can continue living in the past, or you can adopt a totally new way of being.  That is why I wrote the book It’s All About Me.  I invite you to click on the cover below and read a sample of  how you can change your life and embrace end times.

The Involved Observer