Thinking positive! Think a better life.

We define positive as thinking of the good all around.

Something tragic is happening in our country.  The idea of finding the positive in our lives has taken a back seat to finding the negative.  Entire institutions are dedicated to convincing us that things are bad.  The ironic part is that things are not bad at all!  We have to be sold on divisiveness.  We have to be sold on separation.  Yes, it is we who allow this salesmanship to be successful.  Don’t be afraid of positive thinking.  Find the good all around you while working to eliminate what might not be to your liking.

Create positive experiences.

Rather than sink into the mud of doom and gloom, be brave enough to see the possibility of your life.  One of the most powerful things you can do today is help someone believe in themselves.  If you want to improve your relationships, create positive experiences.  Change your thinking! We do not help lift another person if we focus on the icky-sticky portions of life.  Yes, there is a time to vent our frustrations.  Yes there is a time to cry over spilt milk.  The question is; will these woes become the focus of your life?  Or, will you find a way to create a positive experience ?

Share the positive.

If we were to place the good in our lives on one side of a scale, and the bad on the other side, what do you think would happen?  As I saw posted today; you have survived 100% of your bad days.  If this is the case, doesn’t it get you thinking that there is more good in your life than bad?  The more we focus on the bad the more bad there seems to be.  This is an illusion, of course; bad is just a viewpoint, not a real thing.  The key is how you think.  Where we focus our attention expands, so be brave; expand the good!

Set a goal.

If you had one goal today, could it be to be the person who helps someone believe in themselves again?  A lofty goal indeed:  not to be afraid of thinking positive.  It is a goal you can achieve, however.  My beautiful bride Terrie Symons does it every day.  In her extraordinary work, Lady Ashtar helps people find new ways of thinking about their lives, everyday, all day long.  This was not an easy path to follow.  It took dedication and commitment, but today she travels the world with her message.  And it works.  Read about it in The Lady Ashtar Story.  Just click on the book cover below for a sample of her story.