How do you treat people?

People are people.  There is no appreciable difference between the CEO and the night janitor.  Yet there is a tendency to judge others with a title or position we revere with worthiness.

The ranking game.

If we pass a firefighter on the street, we probably don’t even notice them.  When a firestorm moves towards our community they are the most important people in our lives.  At one moment they rank highest in our thoughts, the next they don’t even show up.  The night janitor I mentioned is invisible until our office has not been cleaned.  Does this make them less important?  A school teacher has a lower ranking until they demand we discuss our child’s progress.  What is their true ranking?  When a State or National Senator shows up at an event people fawn all over them as though they were imbued with some super power.  We do this simply because they have a title.

Ranking people ranks us.

Through all these rankings we define ourselves as important or unimportant.  By comparing ourselves to others for our value we rob ourselves of an important awareness.  Regardless of our title, or their title you, as an essential person in the Universe deserve respect.  Not only do you reserve respect, so does every other person.   When we define the importance of others we diminish our own importance.  We rank ourselves, and inevitably we end up on the loosing end.

How to improve our ranking.

If you want to improve your ranking as a person, resist ranking others.  The janitor is probably more important to your life than the Senator.  Still, both are people.  Why revere the firefighter only when you are concerned for your own welfare?  The school teacher has value far beyond their responsibility for your child, they are still a person.  When we resist the temptation to judge others by their job titles or income level, we are not judged by our title or income level.  That is how you improve your own ranking.  Soon the entire concept of ranking dissolves and we see each other for what we are; people.

Learning to appreciate ourselves.

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