Commitment for success.

You have made a commitment to do or be something; something very special to your heart. Then you behave or do things contrary to that commitment.  How can you expect the Universe to assist you in manifesting that dream if you project something different?

How we send conflicting messages.

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” is a well known saying.   If you truly have the commitment to step into a job as a CEO but walk around dressed as a street person what do you think will happen?  It doesn’t matter what talents you have, you must be willing to commit to that new level.  Even to the degree of wearing different clothing.

 I recently realized that I had been projecting one image of myself while dreaming of a completely different image.  Once I realized what I was doing, I began dressing, speaking and projecting myself into my new dream.  I ceased wishing for change and began living as though what I wanted had already happened.   Suddenly things began moving in the direction I wanted.  I began living up to the commitment I had made to myself.  We are not only showing others what we want to be, we are showing ourselves how we see ourselves.  First, see yourself succeeding, then you can succeed! We cannot live in the past and move into the future at the same time.  By sending conflicting messages to the Universe we are sabotaging ourselves.

Living up to the commitment.

Once you make a commitment; not just to others, not just in words, but in your actions you support your own success.  Yes, there are examples of people getting fantastic jobs like a bolt of lightening has struck.  Those are few and far between.  The Universe wants to support you in achieving everything you desire.  You not only have to make the commitment but begin cooperating with the Universe to succeed.

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Think Believe Receive