They are not going to change for you

You are an intelligent, perceptive and forward thinking individual.  So why won’t they take your advice?  If people would only listen to you, the world would be so much better!

The thing is, most other people think of themselves the same way!  Even if your idea can revolutionize the world, and the only thing anyone has to do is alter their behavior a little tiny bit, it is unlikely you will find an audience.  This means exactly what the title of my second book, It’s All About Me, refers to; if they are not going to change, that means YOU have to do the changing.  You may have to change away from your frustration that others seem unwilling to change.  You may have to adapt your approach so that others can see it is in their best interest to change.  The point is that seldom do others wish to change just to please you.  We want to make changes only in our own time, at our own comfort level, and because we have decided the change is what WE want to do.

This is the basis of all successful marketing programs: find a need which matches your goal, then fill that need.  If there is not a need already existing, create the need! Everything still remains about you, and it still remains about them too!  If this sounds a little convoluted I invite you to read It’s All About Me, get some clarity about the power of standing in your own power, and then go out and change the world!

The Involved Observer