On getting “caught up”

I mean the kind of “caught-up” where the events of everyday life become the driving factor in how we experience our days.  This is all too easy to do: bills become due, unanticipated expenses pop-up, relationships take uncomfortable turns, weather events, even politics and events far removed from what we know of as our day to day experience can distract us from the way life is supposed to be.

And exactly how is life supposed to be you ask?  Well, for me life is supposed to be a journey to peace, joy and love in every corner of my being.  Is that too abstract for you?  What if I said life is supposed to be one of inner discovery and expanded harmony, would that mean more to you?  However you view what life is supposed to be, “stuff” happens.  When “stuff” happens we have a choice: to succumb to it’s distractions and get caught up in a vortex of unhappiness, or somehow get a fresh grip and continue back to the easier flow of being.

Easier said than done, to be certain, but none the less very possible.  To get back to the place of a rewarding life we must first know what it is we want to be and have as our lives.  Until then we are like a leaf being blown around in the wind.  Once we have an idea, a clear idea, of who we are, and what is important to us, then and only then do we have even the remotest chance of working toward that goal.

For myself, that clarity often comes through my spiritual practices including meditation.  No matter how short a time I have to listen to my guidance, it is  always a step away from getting “caught-up” and getting off track.  I urge you to find yourself in whatever practice you choose, then trust, and listen.

Not sure where to start?  Either or both of my books can be helpful, so I invite you to purchase, download, or even borrow a copy.

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