The “Real” World

I know some of you have been reading these posts and thinking “sure, that is great in concept, but in the real world, that is not how things work”.  I understand, I really do because it has not been so long ago that I too believed there were two realities; what things could be, and how they really are.  What I want to invite you to think about this time is: how do things move from being just a good idea to being how things are?

The way they move from one column to another is through our thinking!  If we are presented with proof of  the effectiveness of turning our thoughts from limitation to the unlimited being possible, if we see the results time after time, in invention after invention, do we really need someone in “authority” to tell us it works or do we trust our own experiences to tell us what works?  You know that when you turn your thoughts to seeing the good in people, more good seems to be there.  You know that when you shift your thinking about a project being a drudgery to something you want to do, if for no other reason than to get it done, the work is so much easier.  You have experienced these things for yourself; why do you have to wait for an “authority” to validate what you know?  Trust yourself, trust that when you open your mind, wonderful things happen.

This is IN-powering yourself to greatness.  There is so much more to this understanding, and I would love to share it with you.  Contact me at Choiceful Living Seminars and together powerful results will appear, both in the world of how things could be, and the “real” world.

Looking forward to helping you IN-power yourself, Brian K. Graham PhD.

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