Do you know someone addicted to DOPE?  Are your addicted to DOPE?  Drama Oriented Power Exchange, or DOPE is all around us, and we feed into it every time we share gossip or complain to someone who cannot help resolve an issue.  The FDA has no people out there trying to regulate DOPE, the DEA has no authority to arrest those who do DOPE, but you have the authority and responsibility to curtail the spread of DOPE, and you want to do just that, for your own IN-powerment.

Sharing DOPE dis-empowers us, adds discord to our lives and our workplaces, wastes time and makes us feel less positive about ourselves.  Oh sure, at the moment we might feel better, but the long term effect is just as destructive as using street dope.  Drama in our lives gets us worked up in a negative way. The path of IN-powerment calls us to take every opportunity to build ourselves up in a positive way, and to help create positive interactions around ourselves.  When it comes to DOPE, follow the advice of a former First Lady: Just say No!Choiceful Living Seminars more info