Tonight I watched Peyton Manning throw touchdown pass number 509.  This was an impossible task, except for Peyton who did not recognize the term Impossible.  Same thing for the man who held the record before Peyton the sky was the limit.  Who makes an accomplishment impossible?  We do.  Who makes an accomplishment possible?  We do.  So, if the truth is that we are responsible for making things possible or impossible, what is the difference?  The difference is in how we think. 

Through Choiceful Living Seminars we teach that our words, our assumptions, our baggage creates the space for our achievement.  Dis-empowering thoughts, adopted ideas of limitation, even the words we say to and about ourselves create our work space.  Through the processes we teach at Choiceful Living Seminars we expand our work space, we IN-power ourselves to not only think outside the box, but go beyond any reference to the box. Just because we have always done things one way does not mean we have to continue doing things the same way.  What applies in one situation does not necessarily apply in every situation.  Do not let precedent restrict accomplishment.  

This is all about you, how far do you want to go, how much good can you stand?  Are you prepared to live among those who establish records, or are you satisfied simply watching them set?  You are limitless, join me in celebrating that limitlessness, and expanding your participation in being the goal definers.  Contact Choiceful Living Seminars and arrange for a day of possibility! 

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