The Power of Touching

Study after study has shown that babies who are touched and held, especially those babies who are premature, thrive far more successfully than babies who do not get the power of human touch.  Yet as we move into our aging process we are taught to NOT touch each other.  There are inappropriate ways to touch a stranger, yet there are far more ways to make physical contact appropriately than inappropriately.  Rather than make touching forbidden, would not our efforts be better aimed at how to touch to bring comfort, when to touch to show compassion?

In my spiritual group a hug is the common method of greeting, yet even here the fear mongers point out the potential danger of spreading germs, and they wring their hands that maybe someone might not be comfortable being touched, let alone hugged. Let me stand clear, the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of a true hug, offered from the heart far outweighs the potential of transmitting some disfiguring disease, and the emotional release of being touched can overcome years of fear. I believe this is why massage studios have been hugely popular recently.

I do not want to go into the specifics of why it has been so, however for a long time now I have been deprived of the power of touch in a relationship.  I have declared open season on being afraid to share my love through touch and have been rewarded with wonderful demonstrations of connection through the simple experience of holding hands.

If you feel there is something lacking in your life, it could be the power of touching; the simple pleasure of flesh on flesh, without hidden motives.  Try it, I think you will find the simple gesture of touching another persons arm or holding their hand in friendship will give you both a fabulous lift.

The Involved Observer