I am in a relationship

Today’s reality is that we right click on pre-selected categories:  single, married, separated, and the ever popular, “it’s complicated.” We have allowed ourselves to be defined by what are simply generalities, when in truth we, each of us, you and I, are far from generalities.  Do you understand that you and I, through the very fact you are looking at this blog are in a relationship? We have relationships with our co-workers, our bosses, our UPS drivers, with our pets.  These are all relationships.

What I am getting at here is that we do not live in a vacuum, we live in constantly evolving relationships with everyone with whom we interact, including ourselves. Every relationship in our lives shapes us. Those relationships invite us to be more of who we are, or less than who we are.  This is why it is so essential to find out who we are as ourselves rather than who we are to the UPS driver, or the clerk at the store, or the person we are seeing or married to at the time.  When we loose sight of who we are we can so easily find ourselves casting back and forth in the wind, wanting to be who we think we are, wanting to be who our partner wants us to be, wanting to be what we think we should be as a man, or as a woman.  When do we simply declare I AM ME, take me for who I am now, knowing that tomorrow I will hopefully refined who I am again through experience?  It is a challenging thing, to stand as who you know yourself to be, at this moment, but it is essential to do just that.  

When you find yourself in the position of answering the question “who am I,” I hope you will take a moment and know you are the best you you can be at this moment.Choiceful Living Seminars more info