The possiblility of Mass Cooperation

This thing about creating a movement of Mass Cooperation has been moving around my head since my friend Lynn Collins brought it up to me.  I see a world of possibility for us all if we could find ways to make Mass Cooperation more than an interesting concept, but part of our conscious lives each and every day. 

There will be no shortage of people who will tell us “sure, cooperate with them, but not with those people.”  That kind of negates the concept of MASS doesn’t it?  We can certainly find lots of examples of “those people” with whom cooperation will be uncomfortable, that is where our own dedication to changing things on our planet for the better will be tested.  No one said it was going to be easy!

Just for a beginning may I make a suggestion?  Let’s expand on the World Peace Meditation originated by John Randolph Price and held each year on December 31.  I want to join with a mentor/friend of mine, Marilyn Hall, and suggest we create another day calling together people of all faiths to come together on one day, in person or remotely, even around the world to declare our commitment to turn away from supporting conflict and turn that energy to creating peace through cooperation. 

The exact date is yet to be set, how this will work has yet to be defined, I simply know that as we reach out to people of faith, all faiths around the globe the specifics will come together perfectly. And why am I so certain this will work?  Because of the Possibility of Mass Cooperation!

Would you like to join in the beginning stages of this idea?  For now, I offer this forum and contact system to get things rolling.  Are you ready to make a real change for all people?  Re-post this message, speak to your friends, do whatever you can to be part of the change.

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