Imposed Opinions

Much of my writing in both the book Think, Believe, Receive and the book It’s All About Me (both available through touches deeply into the opinions we hold which we had nothing to do with forming.  These opinions, these pre-judgments were imposed upon us by others; our parents, our teachers, friends, media, overheard conversations, there is no end to the possible sources, yet they drive our lives as though we had spent hours delving into the ramifications of these opinions or done extensive research to determine the validity of those opinions.  In most instances we have done neither, we have simply heard or seen something, and made it our own.

I bet you have said something in anger, and then wondered where the heck those words came from, right?  Well, now you have at least one answer to that question; you were experiencing Imposed Opinions.  The good news is these are not like the implanted aliens in a SiFi picture, they can come out without killing you.  Once you have identified something expressing through you which does not represent who you have become, you have taken the first step to rooting out those Imposed Opinions and taking control of your life fully.

I invite you to join me on this journey to root out those unneeded thoughts, opinions and reactions.  Yes, it is a journey for me too and I call it the Involved Observer.  As part of the book It’s All About Me we can journey together to being fully responsible for ourselves.  Please join me, get yourself a copy or twelve of IAAM, and let’s get on the path together.

The Involved Observer