The Good Old Days

I bet you have heard that phrase; “back in the good old days”. So my question is, just when were the good old days?  Were they five years ago, ten, twenty, fifty years ago?  Our memories have this wonderful way of redefining the past; highlighting those things which we like, downplaying those which are uncomfortable.  The truth of the matter is, these are the good old days! 

At what other point in history could we share this information simply by sitting down at a lap top or computer?  At what other point in history could we fly across the country, even the world in a matter of hours?  We in America can walk into a supermarket and select from a bounty of food at almost any time of day or night, and pay next to nothing for that purchase.  Even in areas which do not have access to a Costco or Sams Club, what we can choose from has never been easier and more abundant.

We communicate more easily, address illness more quickly, we see the world as supported by possibility.  

True, ten years ago I might have moved a little more quickly on the racquetball court, been able to stay up a little later, eat a few more slices of pizza without heartburn, but what I have gotten as a result of those ten years of experience I would not trade for those years back.

 These are the good old days, take time to enjoy them!

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