Say Thank You

Most of us are pretty good when it comes to thanking others for gifts, service, directions, and that type of thing, but who are we not thanking?  Ourselves.

If you have ever heard yourself think ‘I get no thanks around here’? Perhaps it is because the most important person to thank is ourselves!  We do so much better with others when they know they are appreciated, so why is it we over-look thanking ourselves for a job well done?  We were the ones who put the effort into the final product, we were the ones who took the time and creativity to get the job done.  It matters not if that job were loading up a grocery bag, or sending a rocket to the moon.  Appreciate yourself for what you do!  This does not have to be done in a narcissistic manner to work; a simple mental pat-on-the-back will remind you of your value.  Quite honestly, if we do not have that sense of a personal value, nothing anyone else can say, no award or pay-raise will instill that personal value, or satisfy our need for recognition.

When you are passing out thank-yous,  isn’t there a part of you which wishes you were thanked as well?  Include yourself in those thanks, and if you are spiritual in inclination, give thanks to your source of power and inspiration as well. 

                            Giving thanks is a recognition of appreciation.  Appreciate yourself too.

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