Freedom Celebration

As we approach the celebration of the American Revolution, we are encouraged to give thanks for all those who came before us and put their beliefs on the line regardless of the cost to themselves and their families.  The list is long to be sure.  So, thank you to all of those whose names are well known, and those whose names will never be known who put themselves on the line in pursuit of an ideal; the ideal that All Men Are Created Equal. Five simple words which mean so very much, to us and the rest of the world.

As we consider this ideal; also consider how many struggles we as a people have gone through to live and affirm this magnificent concept: Freedom from slavery, women’s suffrage, racial equality, and most recently, sexual identity equality. 

The framers of our Declaration of Independence had no concept that we would be dealing with these issues, but they made the wording of the ideal so clear, these issues were bound to arise.  What issues will come up in the future around those five simple words?  We cannot know from this perspective, but let us celebrate that we were blessed with a National Ideal which is the envy of the world, and do our best to honor that ideal.

Happy Birthday America!

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