Staying ahead of the Curve

I hereby confess, I am not a person who was born to the computer.  I am not a person who was born with a mobile phone in my hand.  This brave new world of instant communication is a puzzlement to me, and occasionally I have to be pulled, kicking and screaming into the world of on-demand communication.  There, I have said it.  What about you?  Is it first nature to you to text, twitter, Facebook, Linked-in and all the rest of the rapidly expanding platforms?

Rest assured that someday in the not too distant future you too will look around and suddenly realize there have been countless updates in our world, and you have not gotten the message!  This is just part of life, isn’t it wonderful?

One thing which will not change is our need as humans for human contact.  I admit I want more in human contact than texting my friend as I walk next to him on the street, but I cannot overlay my concept of valid communication on others, any more than I would appreciate someone judging my methods of communication.  Judgment of others is one thing we can send to the recycle bin, along with yesterdays IOS.  We each live a perfect existence which complements every other person on the planet.  Were there simply one way to communicate, and we all communicated the same way, progress would stop dead in its tracks.

                      Change is not always comfortable, but it is the nature of our species to evolve

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