Stop thinking

Stop thinking!  No, not forever, just long enough to get back to living.  Living is when we stop thinking about all we do not have, and relax into all that we do have.  When we can take pleasure in gazing at the stars and experiencing  the Unlimited rather than focusing on the inconvenience of finding […]

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Reach that goal

Once you have decided what you want, once you have realized that to achieve that goal you must stop worrying about how it will be reached and begun relaxing into the perfection of the Universe to deliver what you have asked for, there may be one more thing to do; let go of you fear

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Chasing Time

I don’t know how many hours I have wasted worrying about time.  Worrying about then I will get there, where the waiter is, why my order has not arrived, and will anyone come back on the line when I am calling for support. Yes, it is indeed wasted energy because the truth is things will

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