Going with the flow

Going with the flow does not necessarily mean accepting anything other than what you want.  It does not mean letting others walk all over you either.  What going with the flow means most often is finding the blessing within any experience. How do we balance these thoughts? How do we still get the things we […]

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Just when you think

I have an amazing wife.  Terrie Symons is a Trance Channel who works with an entity named Ashtar, but this blog is not about the channeling, it is about our expectations of life and how they can surprise us in the most delightful ways. As part of her business Terrie accepts payments through PayPal.  We

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Isn’t It Interesting

No matter how enlightened we become, or think we have become, isn’t it interesting that we can still be impacted by other peoples fears? Case-in-point; my beautiful wife Terrie and I were preparing to visit Korea.  We called the credit card companies to let them know there would be some foreign transactions and were told

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