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Anger is fear turned inside out.  Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with feeling anger, until anger overtakes our well-being.  Anger has the potential of literally eating us up from the inside out.  Anger has been linked to many diseases, anti-social behavior, and self destructive actions. Anger, when properly channeled and recognized for what it […]

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How’s your money?

How is your money?  This is a really important question, especially at this time of year.  We want to give, we want to gift, and the invitation to spend money gets stronger and clearer every day.  That’s why this is a great time to ask “How’s my money?” How we look at our money is

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In the simplest terms, prejudice is simply an unexamined belief upon which we act.  Prejudice can take the form of disliking someone for their race, religion, gender, sexual preference, body type, just about anything at all.  Discounting another person for any reason based upon prejudice is detrimental to our own well-being. When we choose to

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Those darned resolutions

Over the years I have watched with joy the influx of people just after the new year to the Gym where I work out.  Most come for a week, some stay for a month, but far and away the greatest number of people give up on their resolution of getting in shape, or shedding those

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