The Trees

We have hoped, prayed, treated, imagined, planned and schemed to achieve something in our lives but we often wonder where the heck the manifestion of all that visualization is.  Brothers and Sisters, believe me, it is manifesting, but we are so deep in the trees of our lives we often cannot see the unfolding of […]

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Hell is the place…..

Hell is the place where you get everything you want.  Heaven is the place you get everything you need. Before you go all Biblical on me, consider this thought; what if you did live in a place where your every wish was met; where every time you put a quarter in a slot machine you

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That’s All I Asked For

“All I want is enough money to get by.” “All I want is somebody to love.”  All I want is the chance to be happy.”  These statements sound quite innocent and maybe one or more will reflect what you believe, but the problem is the Universe, which is charge of delivery of everything you wish

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