Ghosts and Hugs

According to my good friend Terry Hall, the Stoic Medium, “Ghosts give sucky hugs.”  This colorful phrase came about after his Father in Law made his transition.  But what does this mean to you and me? Making the most of today Put simply we will all, one day, reach the end of our physical lives. […]

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Free Stuff!

Join the Ascended Master Ashtar, Reverend Dr. Terrie Symons, UFO expert Greg Sullivan, and Gong Master Linda Lintvedt for a life-changing weekend in the wonder of Sedona, Arizona at Love, Ascension and Beyond.  The time to get your discounted pricing and eligibility for some amazing prizes is getting short, December 1, 2017 is just around

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Relationship relief

When I was given the assignment to write Bear and Butterfly, THE relationship handbook by Ascended Master Ashtar I wondered what in the world I could add to the myriad of thoughts and words already published on the subject of relationships.  Haven’t we seen and heard all there is to say already?  I thought so,

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The First Step

The first step in any change is releasing the idea that no change is necessary.  Put another way, change can only take place when our beliefs in our old limitations end.   Our ingrained beliefs are very powerful things.  They can actually set up protective barriers to prevent them being released.  They are self-protecting and

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