Ghosts and Hugs

According to my good friend Terry Hall, the Stoic Medium, “Ghosts give sucky hugs.”  This colorful phrase came about after his Father in Law made his transition.  But what does this mean to you and me?

Making the most of today

Put simply we will all, one day, reach the end of our physical lives. Everyone around us will also experience the same transition.  When they go there will be no more hugs between us.  Ghosts may visit us, they may guide us, but they cannot give us the hugs that sweeten our lives today.  One more reason for us to embrace what we have and make the most of it.  Life is short, love is plentiful.  Sharing the power of an embrace is only available to us today.

The power of a hug

The simplest of touches convey to another person so much more than words could ever say.  We are vibrational beings who respond most clearly to vibrational messages.  Loving someone from across the room can be powerful, however, when we physically merge our vibrations, enter into each other’s energy fields, we merge if only for an instant.  We feel this etheric touch on a level far beyond the possible joy of being in someones arms.  There is a transfer of power, a realization that we truly are not alone.  Hugs are powerful things.

Share a hug

Don’t be foolish enough to forget our time together is limited.  Any good ghosts will tell you it’s just not the same.  Even the “Bro hug” is better than no hug.  The Butterfly Energy in us knows the truth.  Babies who are deprived of human touch end up having all manner of emotional issues later in life, and it’s not just babies.   Adults who do not touch others develop the same types of issues.

Living in the Now

Ghosts know; living in the Now is essential.  Read Think, Believe, Receive NOW and start living before it’s too late!  Click the cover below to begin.