Learn from the trees

Trees have so much to teach us, if we just stop and think about them.  This time of year many of us are enjoying as the first bright colors of fall appear in the foliage.  Soon we may be cursing the gift of leaves the trees have given us as we rake them up, but there is joy in that too.

Tree lessons

The cycle of nature calls trees to first grow their leaves, then shed them as they prepare for another cycle.  As humans we too often attach too much significance to our “leaves.”  We too live in cycles.  There is a time to blossom, show off our external beauty, and a time to reveal our inner beauty as well.

We know trees communicate with each other to warn of pests.  They don’t have to shout at each other to get their message across, it is a vibrational message of support.  Unlike some humans, they don’t turn their backs on others.  Even if it is too late for them to survive, they assist other trees to survive.  That begs the question; which is more evolved?  Trees or humans?

Setting roots deeply into the soil helps them weather storms.  How often have you felt as though you had no support system?  The branches may shed, even die here and there, as needed to support the health of the entire structure.  On whatever level they live, trees realize the survival of the whole is primary.

In going through their natural cycles, they selflessly purify our air.   The energy one can feel through their entire body that emanates from a tree is restorative to anyone who becomes aware of the gift they give.  And of course, they are beautiful just for the sake of being beautiful, with leaves or without.

As Joyce Kilmer wrote; “I think I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.”