Every home has its sorrow

Every home has its sorrow.  We might not be able to see it from our vantage point, things may look just fine.  In fact, we may find ourselves a little envious of other people.  The way they seem to have everything under control, but the things we don’t know about their lives!

Envy not

Because we cannot see beyond the window dressing of other people’s lives it is very easy to think that they have the world by the tail.  We envy their lifestyle, perhaps even the things they have, but we don’t really know what it has taken to appear this way.  If we strip away the appearances I think what you will find is that every home as pretty much the same things as our home. No matter what stuff they have, people still have to deal with other people.  They are not truly so different than you and I.  To envy another person diminishes what we, ourselves have.  As we have spoken about in these blogs before; the more we think we do not have, the less we have.  Simply another reason to focus ourselves on what we can do this day rather than upon what others do or do not have.

What is the cost?

What has been the cost of living in the big home with the fancy cars?  What have they given-up to live in this manner.  We are just as well looking at people in the most humble of dwellings with minimal (or no) personal possessions, and wishing we had their lifestyle.  Either way we are judging ourselves ourselves and our own value based upon an incomplete understanding of other people.

What can I do?

The most powerful place from which to look at the world is through your own life, from your own home.  What can I do today, right now, to improve me.  You will have so much more to give when you begin there.