What’s The Problem?

“Houston, we have a problem.”  A famous line from the movie Apollo 13 but also a very familiar thought going through our minds.  The real problem is we do not step back and ask ourselves what the problem really is!  Is the problem life threatening?  If so, take immediate action, if not, take yourself off […]

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What is ROK?  It is a Random Act of Kindness!  Well, you might say, my days of being a Boy Scout or a Girl Scout are long past, and this is probably true, but it is no reason to give up acts of kindness.  In fact, those acts are more important for you today than

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No, nothing glib in this blog, suicide is a very serious experience in so many lives.  For the person who finds themselves sitting at the precipice of life or suicide the world is a very empty place.   This person believes the world will be better off with out them, and that further more, no one will care if they

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