self improvement

What are you doing today?

So many people who go through self improvement courses, or even life changing experiences stop after one or two rounds.  It is like saying “I did the work, I’m done now.”  This is a big mistake.  Self improvement does not end when the retreat ends. Digging a well Liken spiritual development to a well.  You […]

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Rising above it all

Let’s face it, once in a while we all lose control of our emotions.  We all lose control of that wonderfully evolved person we have become.  It doesn’t matter how much work we have done to love everyone (from near, or perhaps far) the stuff of life sometimes just creeps up on us.  But there

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Bad Luck

We define Bad Luck as events beyond our control. What is Bad Luck?  Is it when something unexpected occurs that is not what you wanted?  That is what most people associate with Bad Luck, but you must always remember, nothing happens by chance.  Each of us are powerful creators.  What seems like Bad Luck is

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Practice, practice, practice

You have tried every self-help program out there, and none of them have worked.  Not one single one of them has worked.  You are frustrated and ready to give up on the idea of experiencing a better life, getting more money or having a wonderful relationship.  I totally get it.  Nothing worked for me either,

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