Rising above it all

Let’s face it, once in a while we all lose control of our emotions.  We all lose control of that wonderfully evolved person we have become.  It doesn’t matter how much work we have done to love everyone (from near, or perhaps far) the stuff of life sometimes just creeps up on us.  But there is good news!

Thank you anger!

Are you kidding me?  Thanking anger?  Yep, anger can be our friend.  You see, as you have been working on yourself to be more even-tempered, more loving, more accepting of everyone you are called to rise higher in your being.  Your vibrational body grows.  That means that the issue that used to cause you anger now, at most, causes you to just shake your head in disbelief.  But sooner or later you will evolve to a point where even the shake of the head in judgment has to be released so you can move even higher.  When this occurs our hearts and minds are in conflict.  This causes us emotional discomfort which shows up as anger.  

You have not failed!

Rather than viewing a feeling of anger as a failing on your part (it is never caused by others) we can now view it as a reminder to review our own thinking process.  Anger is simply a call to focus our growth in the area that has resulted in that anger.   Of course I have to add a disclaimer here that even though anger can be a helpful tool in our own growth, lashing out at others is not a helpful tool.  

This is where rising above it all comes in.  Once we have realized our anger is a call to self improvement; that our feelings of anger are simply gentle reminders of where we can work on ourselves, we can get on top of anger.  We can rise above it, and move on.

Who is it about?

As my book It’s All About Me suggests, every one of your emotions is about yourself, and you are in-powered to making it work for you.  Click the cover below and read a sample, then order your own copies.

The Involved Observer