The intelligence of the heart

What does your heart say?  This is the most simple way to help yourself through any question that might arise.  The trick is we often confuse what our ego is saying, what we think others want us to do and our fears for what our heart is saying.

Cutting through the chatter.

I am a huge proponent of meditation.  For just a moment lets set aside our preconceived notions of what meditation is and simply know that meditation does not have to be attaining an absolutely blank mind.  You can achieve a meditative state simply by focusing upon one image.  If another image or thought crosses your mind, bless it and allow it to move along.  Just keep focused on one image, be it a mountain lake or a flower or a calm ocean.  Many people achieve a meditative state while jogging, walking or simply gazing into space.  Once you have quieted your monkey mind you are free to  listen to the intelligence of the heart.  This is such a simple process it might seem intimidating at first, but trust me, you have achieved this state before, you just have to remember how.  This is how you cut through the chatter of ego and fear.

The next step.

Now you have set the stage to listen to your heart.  What you will want to do next is trust.  Trust that what your heart says is both true and in your best interest.  If what you are hearing is a demanding voice, you have not tuned into your heart, it is still ego.  If what you are hearing is a voice saying “But what about…” you have not tuned into your heart yet.  Keep listening.  Once you have heard your heart clearly there will be no doubt about what to do.  That is the intelligence of the heart.

The Involved Observer