Bad Luck

We define Bad Luck as events beyond our control.

What is Bad Luck?  Is it when something unexpected occurs that is not what you wanted?  That is what most people associate with Bad Luck, but you must always remember, nothing happens by chance.  Each of us are powerful creators.  What seems like Bad Luck is the result of our intentions and Universal Power acting together.  Even if we do not recognize an event as having a positive outcome, it does.  

Sometimes we will recognize the gift within the experience, sometimes we will never recognize the gift.  Even red light after red light on our way to work making us late can actually be a gift. It may have kept us from being involved in an accident.   It may have attracted the attention of someone who could help us.  In extreme cases, it may help us release a job we didn’t want in the first place.

Work with the Universe.

Our work is to resist thinking we know everything.  We set our intentions.  The Universe responds.  Remember, we broadcast intentions to the Universe all the time.  Sometimes those intentions conflict with each other.  The results may be confusing, but there is truly no bad luck.  When we learn to work with Universal Principals our results are more powerful, more in line with our intentions .  Our thinking is clearer, our love becomes deeper, our relationships more satisfying.  Even events that seem uncomfortable help us develop better communication with others, and the Universe.  As we seek self-improvement, fewer steps are more effective than working with the Universe rather than fighting the Universe.

Living in intention

The entire message of my book It’s All About Me is devoted to helping us recognize how our intentions manifest.  When we recognize our intentions as they show up in our lives,  our experiences becomes closer to what we truly desire.  What was once “bad luck” now becomes a tool to clean-up our thinking.  We no longer have to live by chance, we live by choice.  Bad Luck is not a thing unto itself, bad luck is simply a matter of how we look at what is happening.  Even the worst luck offers us something positive, if we choose to look for it.

The Involved Observer