self destruction


Anger is fear turned inside out.  Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with feeling anger, until anger overtakes our well-being.  Anger has the potential of literally eating us up from the inside out.  Anger has been linked to many diseases, anti-social behavior, and self destructive actions. Anger, when properly channeled and recognized for what it […]

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Know Thy Enemy

Who is our enemy?  Can we live without having an enemy?  What if there is no enemy at all?  Could it be that defining another person, place or thing as an enemy is simply a convoluted way of defining ourselves?  Could it be that unless we have some one or some thing to push against

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To love Myself

Sure, what else are you going to expect from a guy who titles his book It’s All About Me?- but let me ask you this; do you love yourself?  Do you love yourself enough to stop being a victim of life?  Do you love yourself enough to do healthful things in your life?  Do you love

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