Know Thy Enemy

Who is our enemy?  Can we live without having an enemy?  What if there is no enemy at all?  Could it be that defining another person, place or thing as an enemy is simply a convoluted way of defining ourselves?  Could it be that unless we have some one or some thing to push against we have no identity?

Regular readers of my blogs know I firmly believe in Oneness; Oneness of the planet, Oneness of our creation.  If we live in Oneness there can not be an enemy.  This is not to suggest there are not people and ideas with which we do not want to be associated, of course there are!  But to suggest in any way that simply because another person does not share our beliefs they are our enemy is the expressway to further discord.  Reasonable people can disagree with us, and we with them, but to make them an enemy burns any possible bridge to understanding and mutual respect.  When we define others as our enemy we create fear, and when we live in fear we go into a “bunker mentality.”

When we live in a bunker mentality we are at the survival level of life.  At the survival level of life there is no growth, no hope for change and that is a terrible way to live.  We do not grow and thrive if we turn our attention to warfare, we only kill.  We kill others, and in killing them we kill a part of ourselves at the same time.  

When words become our enemies, when ideas become our enemies we have created a pathway to self destruction.  It is time to put a stop to defining ourselves through fear or we will find we have become what that great sage of yesteryear, Pogo, said; “We have met the enemy, and it is us.”

The Involved Observer