A clear message

While a wonderful public spirited energy is manifesting in our nation, what is missing is a clear message.  No one wants our school children to be at risk of being gunned-down at school, I think we can all agree on that.  But when people take to the streets to get this message across, it is […]

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How do we define ourselves?

Do we define ourselves by what we think others are or are  not?  Do we define ourselves by how many others have harmed us?  Do we define ourselves by the burdens we carry, our responsibilities?  All these are very transient definitions, so when we finally learn that no one has truly harmed us more than

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I want it all!!!

I am sorry to say, you cannot have it all. WHAT?  I can’t have it all? Strange words from a blog about possibility aren’t they?  The fact is you can not have it all because “All” has no bounds!  Remember when your idea of having it all meant having your own car, place to live

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The Power of Uncertainty

I know lots of people who want to know exactly how the next step of any project, or life event, will play out.  These folks love making charts, lists, and outlines.  Bless their hearts, if this is how you do your life and it works for you, carry on. I enjoy embracing uncertainty. In fact

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