Jumping the fence

When we were little kids an obstacle was no problem, we simply jumped over the fence, or gate or sleeping dog.  As we added years to our count, for some reason we begin to forget that an obstacle is not a roadblock if we are committed to moving forward. Discernment I try to view an obstacle as […]

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What is your limitation?

I don’t have any limitations, you say.  I am unlimited in all things.  Yes, yes you are unlimited in all things, and when we get to the point in our evolution where we have embodied this truth to the fullest extent possible we will indeed have not limitations.  Right now, however, no matter how evolved

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Healing begins with the heart

When the heart is present clearly in ourselves it flavors all things we do.  Everything. On our recent trip my lady and I stopped into a restaurant for our mid day meal.  Each of us ordered simple dishes; Terrie a Cesar Salad, I ordered a hamburger.  It took over 25 minutes for our food to arrive

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